I had two back to back consults the day I met Jessica and Andrew. We had only exchanged a few emails, but they were referred by a photographer friend and I was excited to meet them. They also happen to know one of my second shooters, Kaylyn, which is another perk to AKP shooting their wedding next year.

They were the second appointment of the two. They had arrived early and taken a seat while I finished with my first couple. I didn’t realize at first, so I was surprised when they came over after my other meeting had commenced. We sat down, had great conversation, and we were planning a timeline before we knew it.

My initial meeting with these two was great, but it could not have prepared me for how much fun we would have during their engagement shoot. Jessica had emailed about doing them during my last weekend in West Virginia of the year, but we immediately had to address how cold it would be. I was super slammed with Christmas sessions, so it would also have to be late. What do you do when you have an outdoor session with no heat and no light?

You create it.

My dad helped me run power to some Christmas lights while Andrew built a small fire. I made a small tent out of plaid blankets and floral sheets, tied up with the lights through a bare tree. By the time we shot, we had definitely come up with a vision, but I am so pleased with how this session turned out.

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Jessica & Andrew,

You are such a fun couple! The way you laugh together, how you show affection toward one another in the sweetest little ways, and how appreciated you make those around you feel is absolutely beautiful. I am in awe of you and I cannot wait to see the magic we create on your wedding day.

– Ash