As we approach a potentially brutal weekend of storms, I thought it might be a good time to blog some tips on rainy day weddings! Here we go:

1. Bring a positive, fun attitude.

I think this is the most important one! On a day when it may rain, I approach the bride with a super positive vibe. I ease into conversation with her and gauge how adventurous she might be to embrace the rain. 99% of the time, I have found that if I am willing to get a little wet.. they will, too! Knowing that you are still creatively excited about their portraits can strongly influence their own attitude about this last minute change of plans. You may even talk your bride into getting ready on her cabin’s porch, as seen below. ;)


2. A stock of clear umbrellas.

One of the best investments that I have made for my business was a set of clear umbrellas. I have eight that I carry on a wedding day. This is great as everyone commutes, for portraits of the entire bridal party (with a cohesive look), and so we ourselves have cover, too! I can also split them up and send a few with my second shooter for pre-wedding photos.


Where to get them? I’ve found them at Target, but you can also always trust Amazon Prime for two day delivery.

3. An extra pair of hands.

Bringing a second or third assistant can really help in these situations. We recently had a wedding where it POURED all day, from the moment we arrived until we left. It was wonderful to have an extra person on site that day, as she willingly held an umbrella over my head (and more importantly, camera) through any moment we were outside working. Having someone to support you and/or the couple can help you accomplish photos more efficiently, and more quickly!


4. Make a game plan.

Formulate a plan of action BEFORE you go outside. Whether you are doing a bridal party photo under umbrellas or the couple kissing in the rain, communicate with everyone exactly what you need. Letting them know exactly where to go, what to do, and how long to do it can really help when you’re main obstacle is the rain itself.


5. Rain gear.

If rain gear is in your budget, I highly recommend it. Many camera bodies are weather sealed, but that doesn’t mean weather PROOF. A great budget item that I keep in my back-up bag is the Neewer rain jacket. It’s an easy-to-use slip cover that gives you a little more comfort shooting in inclement weather. Find it here. I also recommend a clear shower liner! This can help you place the bride where you want, but keep her dress dry. :)


6. Shelter with cover.

Maybe your couple says “no way, jose!” but they really wanted those beautiful outdoor photos. A covered porch can be an amazing option for portraits, and don’t forget the power of a window!


7. Off camera lighting.

On wedding days like the one we’re discussing, I’m very grateful I’ve been sharpening my lighting skills. This can give you better images in low light situations and will make you more confident working on those indoor weddings. I like to use two flashes, one on my camera and one on a light stand. It can also help with fun night time exits. :)


I hope these tips help you this weekend as we tackle the upcoming storms coming our way. Thanks for reading and good luck with all your rainy day weddings!

– Ash